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  How do I auction a cToon?
  When you are logged in, simply click on the My Collection link in the menu under My Account. Then search through your collection for the cToon that you wish to auction. Once you find it, click on the icon below it that looks like a little hammer. This will bring you to the auction listing page. Just fill in the amount of points you wish to start it for, select how long you want it to last, and click SUBMIT. Your auction has begun!
  How do I bid on an auction?
  First you need to go to the main auction page. Once there, you can search for a cToon, or you can go through the list of auctions on each page. When you find one you want, click on the cToon name to view the auction itself. Then all you have to do is click on the BID button to start bidding! You cannot bid more points than you have, though.

  Auto-Surfer  Next
  What is the Auto-Surfer and how do I use it?
  The Auto-Surfer is a little device that allows you to get all your daily surfing points with one click. All you need to do is click the button and the points will be added to your total instantly!

  CollecToons  Next
  How do I play the game?
  There are many things to learn before knowing everything about the game. The best way to get started is to read through this FAQ page, and to also get hints and tips from fellow players in the Official Forums.
  What is CollecToons?
  CollecToons is a fun and educational game that allows players to collect their favorite cartoon characters while learning facts about the shows they come from.
  I'm getting a popup message telling me I have to download a plugin or software. Is this normal?
  If you are using Firefox your browser will need to have Quicktime installed in order to hear the sounds which play in some areas of the site.
  I think I found a bug or glitch on the site. What do I do?
  While we do our best to keep up with site maintenance, we still see new problems arise from time to time. Bugs should always be reported to a moderator as soon as they are discovered. Abusing certain glitches could be punishable by fine or ban depending on what was abused.

  CollecTowne Mall  Next
  How do I create my own shop?
  You need to have a Premium account in order to make your own shop. Read more about Premium on the Donation page.
  How do I design my shop?
  In the main menu, under Premium Options, there is a link called My Shop. On that page, you can design your shop by adding cToons to it, assigning them prices, and even adding graphics and music.
  Why isn't the sound file I'm trying to upload working?
  Sometimes a file is corrupt or missing its digital signature. Even though the site allows MP3 and WAV files for music, the file itself isn't always created properly and can be missing a signature that allows the system to recognize its extension.
  Why isn't my shop appearing in the mall?
  The moderators on the site can turn off a shop if it is found breaking the rules in any way. If your shop has been turned off, they most likely sent you a message about what needs to be done to fix it. Your shop will also disappear from the mall if someone reports it as abusive.

  cToon Database  Next
  What is the cToon Database?
  The cToon Database is a HUGE asset to the players who want to know what cToons have been released and info about each one. If you are trying to complete sets, or just want to find another set to collect, this is the place to go!

  cToon Smackdown  Next
  How do I challenge someone to a battle?
  On the main Smackdown chat page, you will need to click on a username from the list and then send them the "I challenge you to a duel!" message. If they accept, you both will enter a match. If someone sends you a challenge, you'll know because the phrase looks like a link in the chat box.
  How do I choose a cToon for battle?
  First you will need to have battle-capable cToons, like some Pokemon or Digimon. You will also need to have an accessory cToon, like a Pokeball or Digivice. Without a Pokeball you can't use Pokemon in the arena. On the selection screen, if your cToons load in the popup, just click on any to choose which one you want to use in the match.
  How do I battle in the arena?
  The game is all about luck, really. You can only click on one target in front of your opponent's cToon, so chose wisely. The first person who reaches the necessary amount of hits wins the match.
  Why did the page load blank after the battle ended?
  Sometimes the system lags a little, and the other player might still be in the match for several more seconds. If your screen loads blank, give it 10-20 seconds before closing the window. This will ensure both you and the other player get their points for the match.
  My game froze in the middle of the match. What do I do?
  Sometimes this can happen, especially in times of high site traffic. If it does happen, the most courteous thing you can do is to close your game window and send a quick PM to your opponent telling the reason you left the match. Afterward, you can try and have another battle.
  How do I morph cToons?
  Every cToon that can be used in battle has a different amount of battle points needed in order to morph to the next form. Every time you successfully win a match, you gain 2 battle points. The more matches you win, the faster your cToons can morph into bigger, better, and more expensive cToons!
  If I trade someone a cToon with battle points, do the points carry to the new owner?
  Yes. Battle points are linked directly to the cToons themselves, not the players.

  cToons  Next
  What are plaques?
  A plaque is a very special and limited type of cToon. Think of it as a medal or award. Few get made, and they can be hard to find. You can view all of the current plaques by clicking on the Plaques link in the main menu under Get cToons!.
  What are the cToon rarities?
  At this time there are six different rarity levels available in cToon shops. They are: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Crazy Rare, and Holy Rare. Just from the names you can tell that the rarer a cToon is, the harder it is to get. To learn about special rarities like Auciton Only and Limited Edition, sign up for the Official Forums.
  What are cToons?
  A cToon is collectible image that acts as an interactive piece of clip art. Not only are they fun to collect, but each one has its own facts about the show it comes from!
  How do I see the info card for a cToon?
  There are a few different places on the site where you can actually click on a cToon to load its info card. You can do it when you are on the My Collection page, on an auction page, or on the page that loads directly after you buy a cToon from a shop. The info card will show you the rarity of the cToon, as well as the set it belongs in and its description.
  Where do I find cToon codes?
  The best place to get the current active code list is the Official CollecToons Forums. You will need to create a forum account to access the list, but once registered you will have the ability to get tons of code ctoons!
  I entered a code and hit Enter on my keyboard, but nothing happened. Why?
  If you use Internet Explorer, nothing will happen when you hit the Enter key. Instead, you have to click on the GO button after you type in the code. If you use Firefox, you can use the Enter key.
  When do cToons expire?
  Most cToons expire about six months after the release date. However, there are some that are very limited, like holiday releases, CTF codes, or Plaques. Those are usually only around for a week, so be sure to stock up when you see them available!
  What is a Holy Rare cToon?
  These are very rare ctoons that have small releases in the shops. Only a few sell each week and there are many dedicated players who watch for them like hawks. If you get one you can make a hefty profit from selling it, too!

  cWorld Building  Next
  How do I design my cWorld?
  Once you are logged in, click on the My cWorld link in the menu under My Account. Once you click on the Build button, you will be in design mode. Click on Choose cToons to pick the cToon(s) you want to display, and click on Change Background to change the background image of your cWorld. You can also right click a cToon to make it disappear from your cWorld.

  cWorlds  Next
  What is a cWorld?
  A cWorld is a personal gallery where you can display your favorite cToons and show them off to your friends!
  How do I vote for a cWorld to be in the Top 10?
  When you surf to a cWorld you like and want to vote for it, look for the buttons on the top left of the page. Each button allows you to do something different, and the fourth button controls the voting for the cWorld. Just click on it, and your vote is cast!
  What are the buttons on the top left of a cWorld for?
  The first button is for private messaging. Clicking on this button brings you to a page where you can send a message to the cWorld owner.

The second button is for offline trading. If you click on this button, you can send a personal trade offer to the cWorld owner.

The third button will allow you to add the cWorld to your favorites list.

The fourth button will allow you to place your vote for the user's cWorld to be in the Top 10 list.

If the user has a Premium account, their cworld will have a fifth button that takes you to their user shop.
  What is the Integrity Score at the top of a cWorld for?
  This is a special feature, not to be confused with voting for the Top 10 cWorlds. If you trade or have any form of exchange with the owner of the cWorld, you can rate the transaction and the user honesty with the integrity meter. Keep in mind, you can only rank them once, and everything is recorded for posterity. Be honest in your votes, because you would want the same done for you.
  What do the Start and Stop buttons on cWorlds do?
  Some cToons are animated and have movement or sound. These buttons control the cToon's playing function. Just click on a cToon you want to play, and then click on the Start button to get it going. To stop it, click on the cToon again and then click on the Stop button. Keep in mind, not all cToons will be animated.

  Live Trading  Next
  What is live trading?
  Live trading is when two users trade cToons with each other in real time. You can live trade with someone in a cWorld, an auction, or even cToon Smackdown!
  How do I trade live?
  A live trade can be initiated from a cWorld page, an auction page, or from the Smackdown lobby. Just chose a username from the viewers list in the chat section, select the phrase "Do you want to trade?", and click submit. Your message will be sent to the other user, and if they accept, your live trade session will begin. On the live trade screen, you will be able to view each other's collections and chose the cToons you wish to trade. Once you have agreed upon a trade, click MAKE OFFER. This will begin the transfer process. If both users confirm the trade, the ctoons will exchange and your trade is complete!

  Lottery  Next
  What is the CollecTowne Lottery?
  The Lottery is a section of the site where you can try your luck and see if you can win big prizes. Just buy tickets from the Lottery page and you'll instantly see if you won or not. Prizes range from small point amounts to large amounts, or even exclusive cToons!

  Offline Trading  Next
  How do I send an offline trade?
  You will need to send an offline trade offer from another player's cworld. You can find them by doing a search from the Visit cWorlds page on the main menu, or just by surfing through all the cWorlds. To send a trade offer, click on the third icon on the upper left of the page. It looks like 3 green arrows in a circle. This will open the trade selection page. Just click on the collection buttons to open your collections, chose the cToons you want and the ones you are going to offer, and click SUBMIT. Your trade has been sent!
  What is an offline trade?
  An offline trade is a trade offer that can be sent to another user who is not available for a live trade at that time. It's an easy way to send an offer to another player in hopes of getting something you need for your collection.
  Can I cancel offline trade offers I sent?
  Yes. Just click the My Offline Trades link under My Inbox, and you can cancel offline offers from that page.

  Points  Next
  How do I get points in the game?
  There are several ways of getting points. The most common way is by surfing cWorlds. To do this, click on the Visit cWorlds menu item to be brought to the search page. From here you can either search for a specific name, have the game find you a random cWorld, or even click on a username listed in the Top 10. Once you are at a cWorld, just click the Previous or Next buttons to start surfing! For each cWorld you visit in a day, you get more points added to your total, and every day you can revisit all of the cWorlds to get even more points!

Other ways to get points include arcade games, contests, auctions, and the trade board.

Also, just for logging in and playing each day your account is awarded some points automatically!
  Why do I get a message saying I have insufficient points?
  Even if your point total says you have enough to purchase something, the game keeps track of all the points you have in pending trade board offers and auctions where you are the high bidder. If you overextend your points in several places, you limit your buying power when you need it the most.

  The Arcade  Next
  What is the arcade?
  The arcade is a section of the site where you can play games to earn points and tickets based on your scores. You can get there by clicking on Get Points! then Fun-O-Rama on the main menu.
  How many times can I submit a score for points?
  Each game has a limit of three submits per day for normal players. However, if you have a Premium account, you can receive points up to six times a day. Don't worry though, you can still play the games after you've hit the limit - you just won't get the points. This can be a fast way to earn rewards if you love playing games!
  Why didn't my score submit correctly?
  Sometimes the data from your score doesn't get sent to the servers correctly. The issue is known to happen in certain browsers, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. One solution is to clear out your temporary files, history, and other settings which may be causing the problem.
  Do I get a prize for being in the top 10?
  Yes. At the end of each month the scores get cleared, and you will be awarded 1500 points and 20 tickets for every game in which you made the top 10.
  What are Trophy cToons and how do I get them?
  Trophies are a special type of cToon that can be earned in the arcade. To win a trophy, you must submit a score higher than the "challenge" score on any game, and the toon is awarded to your account instantly. Keep in mind you can only win one of each trophy, so sell yours with caution!
  What is the Prize Zone?
  The Prize Zone can be found in the arcade page. It features various Arcade Only toons that you can only buy with tickets. Tickets may be earned only by playing in the arcade. The amount of tickets earned are based on your score, but premium members may earn 2x that amount per game. There is a small time cap in which you must wait 1 minute before submitting again for a ticket. At the end of the month, Premium members also receive a 100 ticket bonus.

  The Bank Job  Next
  What is the bank?
  The bank is a special area that only premium users can access. It allows them to collect interest on their points. The higher their points, the better the interest rate they will earn.
  How do I collect interest at the bank?
  The first day using the bank you will need to set your interest rate. Simpy select a rate you qualify for and click Save. The next day you can collect your interest by clicking on the Add Today's Interest button. No need to click on Save again since it is already saved after the first time. When you qualify for higher rates, you can select them from the menu and save them to your account.

  The Gift Exchange  Next
  How do I redeem a cToon?
  First you need to have a cToon in your collection that is able to be exchanged. Most of these are gift boxes which can be purchased from Sgt. Pepper's Gifts & More in the main Shopping Plaza. When you have a gift cToon, click the Gift Exchange link under Get cToons. This will take you to the Gift Redemption page, and from here you can click "Choose cToon" to open a popup of available gift cToons. Once you've chosen your cToon, just click "Submit" and your prize will be delivered!

  The Shops  Next
  How do I buy cToons?
  After you log in, click on The Shopping Plaza in the menu under Get cToons!. This will load the CollecTowne picture where all the shops are located. Just click on a store door, and you will load the store and its inventory. Pick the cToon you want by clicking on the BUY button located below the image. Sometimes the shop sells out of its inventory, so check back again later to see what it has restocked.
  When I try and buy a cToon, it says I don't have enough points. Why?
  This could happen for a few different reasons. You might not have enough points to buy a cToon at all, or you might be a high bidder on an auction and your points are tied up for the moment. If either of these are the case, you might want to try and get more points.

  The Storage Locker  Next
  How do I put cToons in my locker?
  If you want to add all your cToons to your locker, just click the Add All button. Otherwise, click on the Add cToon button to open your collection in a popup. Then select the individual cToons and they will automatically be added to your locker.
  What is the storage locker?
  The storage locker is a special area that only users with Premium accounts can access. It is a place where they can store cToons instead of having them in their visible collection. It's a good way to hide cToons you dont want to trade.
  How do I remove cToons from my locker?
  To remove them all, click on the Remove All button. Otherwise, you can remove individual cToons by putting a quantity in the field next to the cToon and clicking on the Send button. That will send it back to your main inventory.

  The Trade Board  Next
  What is the Trade Board?
  The Trade Board is a place where you can list something you have that you are willing to trade for something else you want.
  How do I post a trade on the Trade Board?
  Click the Trade Board link in the menu under Get cToons!. Once there, click the button on the top right called Post a Trade. You can choose the cToons you want to offer by clicking on the Choose cToons button, and then clicking on the individual cToons. Then you can type into the box what cToons or points you would like to get for them. If someone sees your post and wants what you have, you might get what you want to!
  How do I make an offer on a listing?
  Just click on the Make Offer button to load the offer page. You can select cToons from your collection, or offer an amount of points that cannot exceed the amount you currently have. Once you have decided what to offer, click on the SUBMIT button and your offer is sent in.
  Can I cancel offers I made on a trade board listing?
  Yes. Just click on the My Offers link under My Inbox, and you can cancel trade board offers from that page.
  I get a popup saying my cToon is unavailable. Why?
  If you recently auctioned a cToon and it didn't sell, chances are it's happening to you. Usually this can be fixed by offline trading the "hidden" cToon to another user and then trading back. If you still get the popup, please contact a moderator who will try to fix it for you.

  User Accounts  Next
  How do I sign up?
  On the left hand side of the page there is a link that says "Register Now". Just click on that link, fill out the form and click SUBMIT. You will need to use a valid email address to verify your account. Once it is verified, your account is active and you can play online!
  Can I have more than one account?
  No. We only allow one account per user since having multiple accounts gives you an unfair advantage and is seen as cheating by both veteran players as well as site staff. If there is a particular need for an extra account, you will need to send a request to one of the moderators through the Official Forums.
  Can my family members create accounts?
  They can if they are real. Since we only allow one account per person, creating fake accounts for people is still considered cheating. If your family members do actually play, then they have to play separately and not share accounts or interact with each other. Our system is very sensitive and will see these interactions as cheating, and you may be banned because of it.
  What are Premium accounts?
  A Premium account is a type of player account that has some extra features to use in the game. A user can upgrade to Premium by helping the site and sending a donation.
  Will any of my Premium settings be saved if my Premium status expires?
  No. The moment your account changes back to Standard, all of the Premium settings are removed from the database since it has to keep the records and tables clean from extra data. If you don't want to lose your Premium settings, like bank interest rates and user shop designs, be sure to keep your account current with monthly donations to the site.

  User Collections  Next
  How do I see my collection?
  Once you are logged in, click on the menu item called My Collection under My Account. You can view everything at the same time, or you can chose a set and sub-set from the drop-down menus to find specific cToons. You can also start auctions, delete cToons, or load shops to buy more of a cToon using the icons that appear below the cToon images.
  How do I see other users' collections?
  All you need to do is go to another user's cWorld and click on the View Collection button on the top right of the page. Their collection will open in a popup window.
  What is the search bar?
  The search bar can be found at the bottom of the page when you pull up a collection to view it. It can be used to find your cToons much faster when it comes to posting on the trade board, making offline trades, or simply finding a cToon in yours or another member's collection.
  What is the delete button and what does it mean to delete a cToon?
  The delete button is there if you wish to delete a cToon rather than sell it. You can delete cToons by going to your collection under the "My Account" option. The delete button is the last button to the right, directly under your cToons. Only certain toons can be deleted, however. Commons, Uncommons, and Rares are the only cToons that can be deleted at this time.

  User Inbox  Next
  What is the inbox?
  The inbox is your personal organizer to read and review all of your personal messages, offline trade offers, and trade board offers. You can accept or decline trades there, and you can save or delete your personal messages too.

  User Referrals  Next
  How do I refer a friend to the site?
  After you log in, click on the Referral Program link under Get Points! to see the referral page. Just add your friends' email addresses in the correct fields, write them a message about CollecToons, and click SEND. The more friends that sign up based on your referrals, the greater the prizes you get!