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• CollecToons is an interactive clip art gallery and fansite that teaches its users facts about the productions presented, as well as a beginners lesson in economics and the barter system. Not only that, but its also fun, allowing its users to collect clip art images of their favorite cartoon characters.

• The term "cartoon" is being used as a hand drawn form of show, as well as that of puppetry, stop-motion photography, computer animation, and semi-live action, or a combination of those types of media. Childrens shows that have a human counterpart, as well as puppets or the like are being counted here as well.

• Any text within graphics referring to or that are names of larger corporations, such as Nickelodeon, Disney, etc. are trademarked by those companies and at no time did they assist in the production of this page or the collection of this information, no matter how much we could have used their assistance. The use of such material falls under the