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ATTENTION: If you have not yet created an account, contact the staff through our Facebook page or the official forums. If you have any kind of ingame issue, please contact CollecToons Staff (an official account - user ID: 19947) by clicking the button below.





Information About Staff Members: We have a large roster of active staff who play CollecToons just like you. We ask that you contact the CollecToons Staff account instead of individual staff members to (generally) receive a response as soon as possible. Occasionally, however, it may be faster to contact an individual staff member for smaller issues if you know they are online and can assist you immediately. You can tell if a player is a staff member based on the cWorld banner they have. If a player tells you they are a staff member and do not have any of the following 3 cWorld banners, please cease contacting them and report them using the Contact Us Now button above.








As the roster is constantly being updated and availability of specific staff members change frequently, we will not list out the staff members here. If you do not know any individual staff members, simply use the Contact Us Now button - it'll be the fastest way to get in touch. If for some reason you'd like to know a list of staff members and their ingame names, please visit CollecTowne (



E-mail: If you need to get in touch with us by E-mail, please use the Contact Us Now button and we will move to communication by E-mail if it is necessary. If you are currently banned/suspended or can not access your account and would like to contact us, please create a forum account on CollecTowne (, the official CollecToons community, and contact an online staff member through Private Message. If no staff members are online, please contact anyone on this list with your concern and they will forward you to the appropriate person: